My broken road to Cambodia

Hey lovies,

I know it’s been forever since I posted. Life has been hectic for me, as I’m sure it has been for you as well. 

Alas, here I am! Typing away in Barnes & Noble, just like the good old days. A lot has changed. I dropped out of college and went to hair school. I’m currently about 200 hours away from graduation at Paul Mitchell the School Tampa. 

I kind of ramble when I post here but essentially this first post after a long hiatus is about the broken road that’s leading me to Cambodia.

Yes, Cambodia. I’m going on a humanitarian trip for 16 weeks later this year. From the beginning of August to the end of November, I’ll be in Asia! I’m very very humbled, blessed and excited to be going. 

I’m going with IVHQ, a travel company based out of New Zealand. I applied on a whim and getting the acceptance email was wild to me. It wasn’t a hard decision at all. I knew if I got accepted, I would go. The timing is ideal! 

I’m 23, able bodied and actually able to commit to moving to another country for 4 months. My project is focused on child care, while helping with community sustainability. I’m basically just going as a person who’s there to help in any way possible!

Back to the broken road bit, here we go. Leaving college for trade school wasn’t an easy decision. It felt a lot like “failure” when I decided upon it. Following your own path often feels like that… stepping away from the normal, society approved plan is scary. I’ve done it a lot this year! 

In may of 2018, I QUIT my stable job of almost three years. Risky. I cashed out my 401k for tuition money. Risky. Opened my own business. Risky. Now I’m raising money and going to a third world country for 4 months. Risky.

ALL of my best ideas are risky. All of the best decisions have been adventures. Now I’m excited for this new one! I guess I’m trying to encourage you. Do what’s scary.

More than that though, know that something being “broken” or “wrong” isn’t bad. Something being a bad fit isn’t a bad thing. My uncle once told my brother that our family was “broken” because my dad is technically my stepdad. My old boss once made me sit in a meeting where she told me I was a “bad” fit. My first university truly was a BAD fit. None of those things crushed me. None of them define me. None of them take away from my badassery. The truth is my broken family is amazing. Leaving that job was amazing. Leaving that university was freeing. That I failed up.

It’s crazy how things that seem terrible at the time are working out for the good of you. In November, when I left a relationship with my “best friend” and had to deal with being lied to and let down by the male I trusted more for 3 years… I couldn’t even begin to understand how it was for my own good, my own prosperity. I couldn’t gain perspective.

At at the risk of sounding like a Rascal Flats Song, it’s truly a blessed broken road. As it turns out, when you’re not “in love” (or being lied to and/or cheated on), you apply for humanitarian projects across the world. I LOVE love. I still hope to find a true, adventurous, great love someday… but Cambodia trumps dating ANY day.

So I guess this is the beginning of my blogging for that trip. So this is it… this is my broken road that led me to Cambodia.

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