Confessions of an introvert!

I can small talk with the best of them. I can rock an interview. I can relate to you about almost anything with a quick, charming little anecdote. I can also tell you that I’m a serial offender when it comes to cancelling plans. So here’s the truth… the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

I am not busy, I ignored your call because I HATE talking on the phone.

Unless you’re Sierra (in case you haven’t picked on it by now- she is my person), my mom or my boss… I will not be answering the phone. Even then, I might ignore it. It makes me anxious to talk on the phone. I can do it and be chipper when necessary but it’s actually one of my least favorite things ever. It’s 2015, text me. I have no desire to chat or catch up. No no no.

I am the queen of excuses.

I would rather sit on my bed playing with a rain stick than go out. Like 89% of the time. Movies? Nah. Ybor? Nah. It requires a lot… a shower, blow drying my hair, straightening my hair, putting on makeup… but more than overcoming laziness, I then have to socialize. A lot. In public. With OTHER people. Sometimes I’m just not up for it.

I probably did like you but a second date makes me anxious so I’d rather buy some cats.

We already did the friendly, chummy thing… now you want the “real” me and I just feel too busy/unimpressed/tired/anxious to deal with that. Thanks for the free food, have a great life! I’ll be home in my yoga pants.

A night at home in pajamas will always be better than your party.

Yay for having friends! Yay for hanging out! If you’re having more than 4 people over, count me ouuuut! I’ll be home on the couch or in bed either reading or watching Mike and Molly.

If I ask you a question deeper than “How are you?” you should assume that I really care.

I won’t pretend to care about your life (Unless I’m working ;)) so you should take that as a sign that I really care! Feel special.

I have hated group work since day one.

I’m pretty sure even my kindergarten teacher can attest to the fact that I’ve hated working with others. I get it, you put the dumb kids with the smart ones. I was the dumb one in spanish and math, I understand the concept! Unfortunately, the competent one in the group then does everything. I know that for a fact, because more often than not, I was the one doing that. I don’t need your dumb kid input! Sit there quietly and color, I’ll handle the actual assignment. Harsh, but true. I would rather struggle on my own than count on anyone else. My grade is my grade. I would rather actually learn, even if that’s learned by struggling, than just have someone do it and throw my name on it. I’m not sure if I get that from my mother or just the homeschooler background but it’s a reality. You can’t slack in homeschool… mom always knows. (Also, my brother didn’t like me enough and I didn’t have anything good enough to bribe him to ever help me cheat. So…)

The idea of “group meals” is my own idea of hell.

With a few exceptions, like family reunions on my dad’s side (who doesn’t love a room full of old italians?!), I hate group meals. I think that the first time it ever really occurred to me was in high school. I spent all of senior year eating lunch in the library (well sneaking food while I read), and avoiding the cafeteria crowd. I’m not sure what caused the shift as I was okay the year before, but it became more than I wanted to deal with. In college, same thing. The caf was a constant ambush of people and crazy amounts of stimuli. It was loud, there were tables of 20 people in one area… ummm, no. That’s when people start sitting close together and their arms touch you and it’s loud and it gets hot and I just want to start punching people in the throat. It is NOT my kind thing! Tables of 5 and less are much more my “cup of tea.”

My idea of a good day is solitude and either being alone or being with one-two people.

I could spend an entire day in Barnes and Noble. I actually spend copious amounts of time there. I have also spent an entire day at Ikea with a friend and a 3 year old (oh, the life of a nanny!). It was wonderful! I also love beach days. Give me a looooot of sunblock, a good book and a chair, I will be perfectly content. Just be chill!

I’m sure there are a million and one other things about my little introvert life but this is all I’ve got for now.
Lots of love, dolls! Take care of yourself. Xoxoxo.

3 thoughts on “Confessions of an introvert!

  1. From another introvert.. I feel you on all of these especially the talking on the phone.. I do text a lot and Facebook and such but somehow virtual socialization is a whole lot less painful than the real thing.

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