Soldiers are NO better than Caitlyn Jenner!

Before this gets me some hateful comments, let’s cover a very vital point:

– My brother is a Marine. There is no job in the world that I respect as much. I love him very, very much and I find his occupation to be courageous, honorable and exceptionally brave.

So, that being said… Soldiers are no better than Caitlyn Jenner.

Webster’s dictionary defines courage as “the ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous.”

There is no asterisk saying that it requires a certain kind of job. There is no asterisk saying that it cannot be used to describe a transgender individual. There is no additional list of requirements. It simply says that it is the ability to do something you know is difficult or dangerous. Hmm.


So, what is the center of every blog, tweet and comment about soldiers being more brave, more courageous and overall better?


Things like tweets saying that Caitlyn beat out a veteran for an ESPN award… which was proven to be false, by the way. There was no runner up award. It was ONE tweet that caused some crazy responses.

In the age of Hitler, propaganda was used to portray Jews as a disease. They made it seem as though Jews were less than anyone else. They showed them as taking away from others, from stealing the resources and opportunities of others.

By implying that since Caitlyn Jenner didn’t lose a leg in Iraq or go on a yearlong deployment to a scary, dangerous place, she is not worthy of the word “courageous” and that’s bullshit in a bullshit sandwich.

What about others people deemed “heroes” or “brave” individuals?

With all the opinions going around, where are those people when a five year old calls 911 to save her mom?

Are you saying she isn’t worth those titles? She has her legs and didn’t deploy. Go head, write a blog about her.

What about the doctors who save lives everyday?

What about the football player that kids call a role model?

What about the singer who supports a certain charity, working very hard to help it and is praised for it?

When you decide to judge, might as well judge everyone!

Go head, tell that girl she isn’t brave. Tell the doctor he isn’t courageous. Tell that football player he isn’t anything compared to someone else. Tell that singer that their struggles and triumphs aren’t important.

Since apparently MANY people think they know best, we’ll go head and let them tell everyone the bad news!

“Sorry, you don’t fit into the correct category for my patriotism, so you’re just okay. Nothing else. As a matter of fact, I’ll probably condemn you, talk about where you’ll go after you die, I’ll question how you self identify and openly mock you! But whatever, you don’t wear camo so you aren’t as good. You don’t measure up.”

Do you understand how dehumanizing the whole thing is?

You disrespect and devalue EVERYONE involved.

Do you think my brother, the Marine, is worried about Caitlyn Jenner enough to be offended that she is called brave?

No. Because he has a frigging life and is actually busy.

When you’re comfortable with yourself and what you’re doing, you don’t feel the need to tear others down.

Yes, I think the troops are incredible, brave, courageous people and I am eternally grateful to them.

Yes, I think Caitlyn Jenner is incredible, brave, courageous and worthy of unending respect. She is getting the LGBT attention and looking to encourage others who may not be comfortable in their skin.

You go, Caitlyn! I support you. 🙂

(Tiny little note at the end- Thank you to my faithful readers. Also, thank you to my beautiful new readers in Ireland, Tunisia, Portugal, India, New Zealand and Poland. You are all so appreciated!)

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