Pedophiles probably DO rot in hell…

Hi loves!

Okay. So some MAJOR things have happened lately.

What the hell happened with the Josh Duggar thing?!?!

I got a text from my bestfriend not too long ago saying something along the lines of, “Josh Duggar is a child molestor!!!!” and of course, I had to google it! UM. WHAT.

I have watched the show, not religiously, but occasionally. Sometimes it really was the best thing on and I’ve honestly always found Michelle, the mom, to be a sweet lady with oodles of patience.

Did I ever think THAT would be a family involving a sex scandal? Never in a million years.

So let’s be clear here: I struggle with religion. I have for quite some time now. That usually isn’t too relevant to my opinions of celebrity scandals but in this case… it is everything.

If your son molested 5 girls, 4 of which are YOUR other children, why would you cover that up?! I realize that parents will do crazy thing for their children… but that is so far past crazy. It’s neglect.

You allowed a member of your family to molest MULTIPLE little girls and you covered for him.

I have ZERO respect for his parents. None. Gone.

In a family that considers front hugs and holding hands with the opposite sex to be inappropriate, we all know DAMN WELL that Josh Duggar knew better.

He was a child is not an excuse, either. He was 14. By 14, you know right from wrong. He knew it was wrong enough to only attempt it when the girls were asleep. Mistakes are things like scratching your mom’s car with your bike or messing up on a homework assignment. Molesting 5 little girls does not fall into the “mistake” category, nor will it ever.

Furthermore, his “counseling” was a joke. Not the funny kind of joke, the kind of joke that makes it okay for someone to molest little girls and never have to deal with the consequences.

Doing manual labor isn’t the punishment you give to someone who sexually assaults others. Manual labor is how my brother paid back the scratch in my mom’s Tahoe when he repeatedly walked between cars with his bike. He shoveled rocks to pay back the damage. Appropriate? Yes. Manual labor for sexual assault? That only seems okay to people who aren’t affected?

No one says a labor camp is good enough for the creepy uncle, the teacher who molests underage students or the priest who gets busted!

He’s known to be part of a religious family so he “got right with God” and now he’s forgiven? No. God can forgive you, if you really mean it.

Josh Duggar, I will not. I will never see you pay for your crimes and that’s a shame. Other countries have death penalties for these kind of crimes. Clearly, they are more protective of their victims than we are. Unfortunately, your life will continue. The lives of your victims will never be the same… yet you are fine. Lucky, even.

God can forgive you. God can forgive your parents for lying and covering for you. God can forgive all the pathetic, weak people who think you are worth being a “role model.”

I however, will not. I assume you will be in hell and I think you 100% deserve it.


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