Self Soothing!

Self soooooooothing!

This is something I definitely know a thing or two about.

I have a special playlist on my phone (actually I have like 17 various playlists) that is nothing but calm, mostly acoustic music that I use to help myself. Sometimes it’s just to sleep, sometimes it’s just to help chill. Whatever the case may be- sometimes you need a break from the mainstream radio music.

This was requested (thank you to Emily Shaw who emailed me!) and I am here making good on it!

Wellllllll, we’re just going to start nerdy! Haha. Even if you don’t like the movies, this is an incredible song. I love it for when I’m trying to calm down to nap or when I’m on a walk… I think of “I’m going on an adventure!” and it brings me more joy than it probably should.

Another really good one! Beautiful guitar playing. His voice is like butter to me but nothing is sweeter than their harmony later in the song. It’s great for things like waiting in traffic or a waiting room.

This gem was free on iTunes at one point and quickly became one of my favorites! Her voice is fabulous but it’s also calming because I think of swimming. Whatever association works!

As made popular by the movie LOL (worth the watch!), this Jonathan Clay song is probably one of my favorite love songs out there. He just has genuine emotion in his voice & that is RARE with artists these days!

Let me know what you think- give these a try! Music can be powerful in combating anxiety.

Be well, babes. All my love! Xoxo

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