YOU are why people hate Church

I am writing my first blog post that is fueled 100% by complete and utter fury!

I have NEVER in my life been so disappointed and ashamed of anything “Christ based” as I was by the article “Bruce Jenner is not a woman. He is a sick and delusional man” that was published by the conservative site, The Blaze.

Please read the article and then head back down to see my letter to the author, Matt Walsh.

A Facebook friend of mine shared the link & as I’ve been watching the Bruce Jenner interviews, of course I wanted to give it a read! I wasn’t sure if it was satirical (as I am clearly a fan of satire!) or really what to expect.


You have got to be kidding me. No really, you must be.

I was raised in church and the picture of Christ was pretty merciful, loving and amazingly accepting.

This is the worst representation of Christianity I have ever seen.

What the untalented Matt Walsh wrote was nothing short of propaganda.

Who uses propaganda? Real shitty people. Really shitty people who want other people to follow their shitty beliefs.

Why do you care???

That’s probably my first question to the ever graceful Mr. Walsh. Really though… how does this affect you?

He begins the article by hinting that Bruce Jenner is actually just doing all of this for publicity, money and marketing. Okay. We get that you’re a cynical man, Mr. Walsh. I also know that celebs have done many a crazy thing for press but really…this?

They come out bravely and express their deepest feelings for publicity?

Changing your gender seems a little freaking extreme for some money.

How naïve you are.

After calling Bruce a faker, Walsh then proceeded to give us his excellent medical opinion.

OH wait… I forgot, he isn’t a doctor. He certainly isn’t a psychiatrist, psychologist or anyone who should ever have any input on someone’s mental health.

He shows tweets of people supporting Bruce publically.

I will say it here and now, I will support anyone who wants to explore the possibility and/or reality of having a sex change. I’m not sure why he needed to drag others into it but I suppose when you don’t really have anything else to talk about, you should bring up Twitter.

So here is my letter to the author, Matt Walsh.

Mr. Walsh,

Hi! I would ask how you are, though it seems to rude to ask because I really do not care. I view you as dog poop on the bottom of my shoe but I figured I would attempt to maybe vocalize some of my frustration about your article about Bruce Jenner. While I loved the interview and all of her answers, clearly you did not! So here are some questions for you.

There is already a stigma around the transgender community- why not add to it?

There is no reason for articles like this. None. In my high school English classes we were asked to think of questions like, “What is the author’s purpose?” and to tell you the truth, this is one case where I really can’t say that I even have a guess.

Was the point to make Bruce feel more isolated? Was it to make others feel uncomfortable?

Was it to tell anyone with gender identity disorder that they are just mentally ill?

As someone studying psychology, I can assure you that it is a very legitimate disorder. It affects many, many people and there are a lot of people who have gender reassignment surgery.

Again, why do you care? Does it somehow affect your masculinity to watch a man with better hair, more money, more power, a better looking family and a better personality than you look to become a woman?

Is it your hate for people who are different or your lack of respect for women fueling this?

From what I can surmise from your writing, you probably had some family issues. Probably mommy issues, based on your depicted value of women. How unfortunate.

As for relating God to this, I beg of you… please don’t.

You are taking every loving thought I have ever had of God, of Jesus Christ and Christianity as a whole and making me want to vomit.

YOU sir are the reason that people run from Christianity.

YOU are the reason that people would prefer to be “spiritual” and avoid any speech of “God” at all.

I would never want to be associated with a God that you follow. Was that your intent?

While I think it’s funny that you assume souls can only exist with a God (I beg to differ here!), I think you assume that you know more than you do.

That doesn’t really seem to be anything new, based on your writing. I firmly believe in having a soul, whether there is a God or not. I believe in a higher power. While I am still on my own journey of spiritual self-discovery, I can assure you that I do my best to be a good person.

I get the feeling that we have different ideas of what makes you a good person.

See, I try to be a good person by spreading acceptance. Compassion. Love. Tolerance.

You wrote an article to mock someone for wanting to change their genitals. For wanting to take hormones. For wanting to be called a “she” versus a “he.” You used prayer and God and spoke of Christianity in an article that dehumanized EVERY single person who is transgender.

You took away their self awareness with your words.

You generalized them as being weak, unhappy people.

You accused Bruce of making this into a publicity stunt.

I can only imagine how unhappy your life must be, Mr. Walsh, that you would feel the need to belittle, generalize, accuse, mock and otherwise look down upon those who are different from yourself.

In your article, you speak of liberals facing “virtually no resistance” when it comes to transgender based issues.

Have you ever considered that perhaps it’s because we like to allow others to do as they please? Maybe there is little resistance because other people are less petty than you seem to be and have better things to do than mock others. While I’m sure I can guess where you stand on other social justice issues, I would like you to know that as an advocate, I will continue to go head to head with you. I will continue to fight to end things like conversion therapy. I will fight to allow individuals to make their own decisions. I will fight to keep people like you from bullying others for being different.

Do you see your version of God as tolerant?

He MUST be if he accepts the likes of you. He must be forgiving if he allows people like you to inhabit the Earth. While I cannot see any love radiating from your writing, I can see why people turn their backs on Christianity and on your version of God.

Did we read two different versions of the bible?

I’ve got to tell you- I’ve had quite a few pastors! Youth leaders, bible study leaders, Sunday school teachers… and not a single one of them ever downplayed mental illness. Not a single one of them ever mocked someone for being different. Not a single one of them made me feel ashamed for using the word “Christian” after they did and not a single one of them made me feel nauseous the way that you did.

While you have said that you will pray for Bruce, know that I will be thinking of you.

While you pray for things of a negative, unaccepting nature… please know that I am sending you thoughts of happiness. I am sending you thoughts of love and of light. I hope that you can somehow open your eyes to the love of others, to the power of acceptance and to the way in which compassion can change people.

Please also know that you make me sad.

When I think of Jesus, I still feel warm. I feel loved. That is a feeling that has never changed, regardless of my search for answers in this world. While you have stolen a bit of the joy that comes from my idea of Jesus, I want you to know that THIS is exactly why people turn on God.

People turn from church because when folks like you share nothing but shame and doubt- there is no room left for love.

Mr. Walsh, I am not sure what kind of void there is in your life but I am hoping that you can fill it.

When you show nothing but hate, you portray your God as hateful.

You are said to be the hands and feet of Christ, to be Christ-like and to love as Jesus has loved you… If you are an example of what Christ is like, count me out.

I sincerely hope that you can come to terms with whatever is making you such an unfortunate, unhappy person. There is no joy in a life with no love. Best wishes, Mr. Walsh.

  • Lane James

Just an afterthought, to any of my readers, regardless of how you do or do not identify;

Show love. There is nothing in the world that conveys your message like love.

Take care of yourselves. Xoxo.

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